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Fakt, iż jakiś pogląd jest szeroko rozpowszechniony, nie stanowi żadnego dowodu na to, że nie jest on całkowicie absurdalny. Jeśli weźmiemy pod uwagę, że większość ludzkości jest zwyczajnie głupia, należy oczekiwać z dużym prawdopodobieństwem, iż powszechnie panujące przekonania będą raczej idiotyczne niż rozsądne.

Bertrand Russell

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BookLikes Goes Live - Help Us Spread The Word

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3...2...1 We're ready for public premiere - BookLikes goes live! For the time being BookLikes has been in beta phase with invites only but TODAY we’re moving on with full public release!  We know that there's still a lot to be done but we think it’s high time for public opening. We couldn’t have done it without you - thank you for creating BookLikes with us! We appreciate all your help and would like to ask you a huge favor: Help us spread the word :-) 


Recent several months were very busy and engaging for us. We were creating BookLikes from scratch, developing and improving service along with your suggestions. Thanks to your help we managed to set up an awesome place for book bloggers, reviewers, writers, avid readers - simply for all book lover from all over the world.


Now we have to make the nosie. Help us make the buzz and make everyone hear about BookLikes :-)

We’ll be going online, loud and clear and reaching various media: press, online, they will hear about us even on the Moon but we’ll be gratefull for your help as well.


If you know a place on the Web that would be interested in BookLikes, where we could knock and present ourselves,  send press release and info about BookLikes, please let us know in comments or at If you know a person, a site or service interested in books, book reviews, authors or publishers give us a tip where we can write and introduce BookLikes or to whom we can say "Hi". And if you know other book lovers, simply invite them to share their reading life. 


We know we ask a lot and if you prefer to stay a viewer and reader instead of speaker, it’s all fine too. But if you agree to help us we’ll be more than grateful :-)


All BookLikes Team would like to say warm and loud Thank you! for all your help and support. We listened and applied your suggestions and we all hope that you love the outcome. We appreciate all the feedback and take into consideration every remark. We’re not stopping here - we still have many ideas to show up and many of your wishes to fulfill :-)


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